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I'm gonna try this: 1: Independent nerdy(I guess I don't like this question) 2: Roller Skaiting then going home sitting down at a piano/keyboard and just singing and having fun 3: 4: Some one who is either quiet and deadly or loud and can be dangerous can make me laugh but also make me angery and make me feel loved. Has a love for music and will always sing with me. Loves animals and children like I do and can deter me from killing someone who has hurt me dearly(there is as of now only 2 people who can do that.) and some one who will protect me and will treat me like a queen but will also let me learn things my failing and winning. 5: Music. Music is my entire life I love it its like air to me. If I dont have it I will be depressed and I can't live without it. It is my everything my very being. 6:Well I can't stand people being full of themselves just because you know or think your good at something we can see it you don't have to brag. 7: ALWAYS LISTEN TO CADEN HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING SO LISTEN TO HIM YOU STUPID.- Jakie Wadsworth(my choir teacher talking about my gay best friend). 8:Sing,write,write music, read, act and ship
I second that, Leo! I think he would be super loving and stable and treat you as a queen. Picturing him on roller blades though is actually the best thing lol.
@AimeeH it just kills me!!
Leo! You guys would make an awesome couple and him on rollerblades would definitely be a sight to see!
@AimeeH you just made me fan girl like Leo is like my love omw he is just I can't even.❤💋
Leo from vixx
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