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Challenge Yourself Selfie
So, I was kinda hoping I wouldn't reach 33 likes, so I wouldn't have to post a selfie, because I'm a big shy weenie who doesn't like taking selfies. But everyone here is so nice so I'm not too worried.
Hope you're ready for my awkward and not so great selfies xD
Pictures are a little old because I don't wear glasses anymore :) but those are the only nice ones I have on my phone xD Let me know who you ship me with, I'm excited~!
I think you would be cute with Jin
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you had nothing to be worried about. you're so cute! i ship you with yoongi.
2 years ago·Reply
V V V V V V V V V V V V !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you lol i couldnt wait to ship you with v hahaha
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