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This challenge was created by @SarahWise so here are my answers :)
1. In five words or less describe how you view yourself. This one stumped me so I think I'm shy, nerdy, athletic, smart, and honest.
2. Describe your perfect first date. For a perfect first date I imagine going to a fair. Playing the games at each stall, wining prizes, and holding each other's hand on scary rides/going through a haunted house. Or if the fair is not in town I would like to go to the movies, then take stroll around the park so we can get to know each other more.
3. In five words or less describe how your friends view you. Quirky, trustworthy, short, funny, smart. Of course they had to say short 馃槃 I texted my closest friends and this was what they gave me.
4. Describe the ideal boyfriend/girlfriend. My ideal boyfriend would be someone who I can trust/rely on, can make me smile, is a great listener, who I can have a interesting conversation with/fun to be with, and of course romantic. Height doesn't matter really, just as long as he is taller then me but not too tall (I'm 5'1). I thought that picture was so cute in general :)
5. What are you passionate about? I'm really passionate about helping others. I like to help out my friends whenever I can. Moreover I have a dream to be a doctor, so I can help everyone in need.
6. What is your biggest pet peeve? One of my biggest pet peeve is when someone puts a load in the washer without telling me. Because then it sits in the washer over night, and I have to wash it again. Same thing with the dryer because the clothes get wrinkled. This is probably my biggest pet peeve because of my mother blaming me when she's the one who puts it in. However when it comes to people bullies. Don't make fun of people because of your insecurities, is what I say.
7. What words do you live by? (favorite quote or your motto) I was looking online and thought this quote I kinda live by : "Your eyes can deceive you;don't trust them". I think this because one of my best friend I made had rumors surrounding her when I entered that school, and instead of believing them I talked to her. I heard her story, and will never regret making that first step. Same goes for another girl I knew, people made fun of her bcause how she acted, and dressed. I talked to her, became her friend and I her last day of school she thanked me for talking to her on the first day of school, but I said "no, thank you for not pushing me away". I know it sounds cheesy but this actually happened. Cross my heart. And I also favor the motto "Every struggle in your life shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times, they can only make you stronger".
8. What do you do with your free time? In my free time I play some chords the my guitars, study my foreign languages, surf the web (mainly Vingle), watch Kdrama/Kpop videos, video games and read manga.
BONUS! Because I want to see more y'alls beautiful faces post another selfie. This is totally optional though. Well this was my sad kpop impression. Was my first trying it out 馃槃
Know matchmaker's who do you think my perfect match is? Moreover try out this challenge it was really fun 馃槃
Jackson or Jin!! But I can't decide lol
Two of my favorite boy groups. I love Jackson, and Jin :) Thanks @katiems
hmm I'm thinking someone in Got7 or BTS for sure. Jackson and Jin I think would be good! ^^
I would ship you with Jin because you're so nice and sweet and I feel like Jin fits your description he's such an angel.
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