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1. Shy. Quiet. Honest. Happy 2. Hmm... For my first date experience I would love to go to the movies. Walk around the park holding hands. Make a picnic.. We each bring handmade food. then go to the baile(club) and dance Norteñas. :) 3. Quiet. Calm. Trustworthy. Funny. 4. My ideal boyfriend huh.. Smart. Funny. Humble. Caring. Hardworking. Lovable. he's gonna need to have some aegyeo. :P MUST MUST get along with my parents. 5. I used to be passionate about drawing, cooking but lately it's been my parents. My daddy has gotten sicker more this year than he has ever been. I have to take care of them. They're getting older. Since I'm an only child, my parents are my life. I need to... no better yet I must take care of them. That is why I'm going to become a nurse so I can take care of people and my family. and my passion for KPOP of course. :) 6. Inviting me over too 'have fun' but all I'm doing is sitting in a chair watching you and your other friend talk... like why did you even invite me if you're not even gonna talk to me. (you don't know how much that pisses me off.!! I have cousins that do that.!!) and people making fun of you or people bullying people. I was bullied because I was chunky and because I didn't wear name brand shoes -.- like really shoes.!!! and now my cousins judge me because I listen to Chinese music and I'm like no, there's a difference. they are not the same. like seriously how stereotypical can they be.!! I listen to Korean, Japanese not Chinese. and so what if I listen to Chinese music too. get it right. seriously.!! (¬_¬) they're different. 7. Live for Today. Pray for Tomorrow. (You never know when your time is up. You might not even wake up for you sleep) 8. My free time huh. I watch music videos, kdramas or anime or read manga sometimes. I listen to music if I'm not doing any of the things I've listed and once in a blue moon hang out with my best friend and her family. :D
here I am. :) JK that's Seulong sexy self ♥
here I am. :) I was tagged by my K-pop best friend sister @baileykayleen \( ̄▽ ̄;)/
Your welcome @YeseniaLira :)
@YeseniaLira haha it's all good ^~^
@caitlind9898 aww.!! that sounds great.!! thank you. :)
♪\(*^▽^*)/\(*^▽^*)/ @YeseniaLira haha. right.! it's okay Gukkie knows he can't escape from me anyways. ヘ(^_^)ヘand besides Taecyeon is a very hardworking man. I think he would be the perfect man. I'm telling you. all the kboys have set my expectations high.!! @baileykayleen
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