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You were born with straight hair and probably had straight hair your whole life. One day, you decide to tie your hair half-up and notice a few strands of hair that are coarse, rough and somewhat kinky.
Why is this happening?
I notice this problem from a few clients when I was shadowing my mom at the salon. The most common reason for this type of texture is your hair is your hair is stretched out or stressed out.
Here is an example of hair going from straight to kinky.
What causes hair to stretch or stressed?
1. Brushing hair with harsh bristle when it is still wet.
2. Constantly pulling hair up.
3. Hair is always tightened.
4. Perming, highlighting or permanent straightening.
5. Medical reason.
6. Acidic rain.
7. Roughing against bed linen.
8. Aging.
Also, Sometimes when hair is pulled out forcefully from styling it can grow back in an awkward direction due to hormone and stress.
Above are all the factors that can contribute hair texture change. The best way to prevent texture from altering is to not stress the hair too much. In addition, don't feel embarrass or scared from a few strand of curly hair. You're not alone!
@Tabbi Yes, of course! Just wondering have you tried using a tea tree oil based shampoo?
oh.... I will try that... Thanks!!
can you do a card on scalps...... I've tried so many things for my itchy and flaky scalp.... My hair is growing curly now... and I can only truly manage it if I wash it daily