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My matchmaking Q&A ^^
1. kind,loyal,motherly 2. Either a picnic outside, or making something 3.good listener,loving, and smart 4.A man who puts me and family first,really caring and passionate about things( i know that sounds selfish but i promise its not like that) 5.My family,love,and knowledge xD 6.not sure 7.Life isn't about finding yourself,it's about creating yourself. 8.read,watch anime and kdramas,video games,fangirling (pics below)
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hahaha your description for your ideal type sounds really manly so I just thought about him xD
Aaahhhhh I think I'm gonna stick with my first choice of Daesung! I really feel that he'd put his family first and be a wonderful father/husband. Though if not him, Taeyang would be my second choice!