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It's feeling pretty sticky out there, right? Yuckkkkk! Some of you (like me) might still like getting out in this weather, but going on a hike or camping trip in this kind of weather can make it hard to know what foods to bring.

Here's a few ideas of how to make it work:


Not everyone knows this, but cheese is great for hiking. Learn how to pack your cheese for hiking or a camping trip here.

Cooler Camping:

Try buying a gallon of water with a twist top. Freeze it solid and put it in your ice chest. Place your food/drinks in and dump 10-20 lbs of regular ice on top. I have a big cooler and usually use 2 gallon jugs. Lasted over 7 days in 100°+ weather. Bonus: when it melts = clean drinking water.

Camping? Use Dry Ice!

Dry ice on top: freezes everything below. Dry ice on bottom: keeps everything above it cold. If you use it, you can section parts off with cardboard and stuff and move around things I want frozen/defrosted.

Dry Foods + Boiling Water:

Dry food that cooks in boiling water is always good! Like rice and beans. You could bring tortillas and peanut butter. Granola bars. Trail mix. Etc! Try finding some ideas in my hiking nutrition collection here.
Other great dry foods to bring:
Nuts, dried fruit, trail mix without chocolate (it'll melt)
Granola/power bars
Jerky, canned tuna, spam, salami, summer sausage or other precooked meats
Crackers and other munchies
Cookies, pop-tarts and non-melty treats
Good luck! Lemme know if there's other foods you like haha I'll add them to the card.