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1. One Direction's new music video "Drag Me Down" just dropped (like an hour ago)! And Harry Style's hair is the longest I've ever seen. The song is amazing but his hair flip is fabulous. Swipe to the right to see the video!
2. Jennifer Hudson went from an edgy pixie cut to a beautiful slick buzz cut! This is a dramatic change and a striking look but she pulled it off with beauty and charm. The style shows off her almond eyes and exquisite bone-structure.
3. Britney Spears ain't a teen anymore but rocked the mermaid braids beautifully when she picked up her Teen Choice style icon reward. You go girl!
4. Looks like Miley is having too much fun with her spunky hair accessories within the past couple of days. Makes me wondering if she's deciding a hairstyle for VMA.
5. Laverne Cox stuns with her new bangs on GMA for her new movie Grandma. Doesn't she look more youthful with the new hair?
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Seriously, Harry Styles has better hair than most ladies. haha