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I honestly didn't think I would get the 33 likes but ok hahaha SHIP AWAY MY LOVELIES SHIP AWAY!!
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@gijan0298 I had to look him up and he's pretty cute! you gave me something to listen to and look up! thank you! AND OMG YES @AimeeH I LOVE J-PARK!! UGH THE FEELS LOL
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@LaurenAntoine Okay!! Yay!! I ship you with Mr Park then!!
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KAHHHHHHHHHHHH YAY!! Happy dance! @AimeeH ~(°w°~) ~(°w°)~ (~°w°)~
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@LaurenAntoine That is the cutest thing ever!! I have to find a way to remember those emojis XD
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JYJ is amazing and Junsu has a killer voice and dance moves im sure you'll end up liking him hehe !
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