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1) Depressing, boring, and a tad bit crazy (especially since I laugh for very small things LOL) 2) I always wanted to have a date at the beach but at night! Like imagine walking through and aisle with candles ordered on both sides of you as you make it inside a circle made by candles and you lay down on some towels next to your beloved, admiring the peaceful atmosphere :) Yup, I want that! 3) Quiet, fun-sized, adorable, and shy XD 4) Ideal boyfriend? He first has to accept my brother (cuz of his condition), gentleman-like, sensitive, and humorous. Basically someone who knows how to deal with me and my moods lol 5) I'm passionate about children with medical conditions. They are too cute and I can't wait to perceive my dream as a Physical Therapist :) 6) Biggest pet peeve? I'll name 2: people who eat with their mouths open and who disturb me when I do something I like/love 7) Wouldn't really consider it a motto or quote, but I always go by "Treat others like you want to be treated." 8) On my free time, I sometimes write but mainly sing. My room is basically a doraebang XD Sorry for not showing pics on here, but I'll do the Selfie Challenge thing, so look forward to see my face there ^_^ Thanks @foxxyjinxx for the tag :)
@AimeeH It's fine haha, BUT I still adore the maknae :) @sugajin94 Haha thanks, and since he's a chef in BTS dorms, why not have him cook for me as well XD
And seems to be really caring
@KpopGaby YAS! He is the perfect gentleman and
Oh my /~\ I am so sorry for the horrible ship /~\ I did not think about that...
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