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ok there was some shipping between some k-pop idols and this are my ships let me now if agree or if there is someone else
1 ship challenge challenge yourself the most one pick was yugyeom from got7 2 people shipped me with him I'm surprised he is super cute
2 ship well there all have one so I'll just pic the order I guess lol so its V from bts V is my oppa I'm sad I didn't get him a lot
3 ship is bam bam from got7 he is super cute too
4 ship is b-bomb from block b and again really cute so sad boys are prettier than me
and I don't know if this counts cause someone just said got7 you pick so I don't know what that means please tell me if you know
and the second shipping challenge is match maker I only got two ships on this so the 1 one is onew from shinee he got 2
2 one is sungjong from infinite he got 1 he has a baby face so cute I'm really surprised about my ships let me now if you guys agree or if I should add someone and there's some guys I didn't know who they where so I had to look them up so if I got wrong info please tell me I so I can fix it and sorry its so long ok bye
@AimeeH thank you for giving me some of my ships
No problem dear!
I approve of your ships!! ^~^