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So im a bit stressed out lately since school is right about to start i have 2 dayz left and thanks to the people who have been making these challenges i can take my mind of things and have fun ! 1.kind,helpful,intellectual,responsible, humble 2. My perfect first date would be at a park at dusk just a nice walk and picnic would be nice. 3. my friends view me as nice, smart, kind, playful, laughing 4. My ideal boyfriend is someone who is intellectual, a gentleman, kind, and loyal, and can make me laugh 5. Im passionate about being successful in the future , and fulfilling my dreams while managing to give back to those whove helped me. 6. My biggest pet pev would be disrespectful and arogant people and people who bully others 7. "Dream as if youll live as if youll die today" 8. listen to kpop XD but also i love to draw and attempt to learn kpop dances lol
before i went blonde haha and the day i went to kcon ! time of my life yall i hope all of you are able to go one day
when i had bangs !
and also its nice to meet other with the same pet peevs and passions ! @katiems and hehe no problem girl ! and jaejoog is amazing that boy has definitely been through alot yet hes always thankful @AimeeH
I would say JHope馃槃 because he's so funny but he's also so sweet.
Thanks for tagging me 鈽猴笍鈽猴笍 I'll definitely do one 馃榿
@gijan0298 yes, I will most definitely agree!!
O.o so many choices!! Jae-Joong Kim will have to be who i choose!! Thank you for tagging me dear!
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