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So in this challenge I got many different idols. I loved them all, so here I go 😊
To begin with I got 3 Got7 members: Jackson, Mark, and JB. Which I was really surprised about it made me really happy because I love them all 😊
Then I got TOP, and Minho because I look mature but don't act like it. I love them both because they are the Kings of well at least my version of the kpop world 😊
When I got Donghae, I wanted to faint I was so happy. He is so cute, and I fell for him after watching "Panda and Hedgehog".
Next I got B1A4's Jinyoung. I never heard of him prior but he was really cut when I looked him up.
Lastly I got Taeyang, Eunhyuk, and Sehun. Which I also loved.
lucky you got jinyoung lol hahaha love alll the guys ypu got :D
So many cuties πŸ˜„
No problem dear they all are great catches ^~^
The results surprised me too. Never thought I would get so many of my bias's, and cute guys :)