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The Benefits of Using a Scalp Brush in Shower

Remember when I said it is good practice to detangle your hair before stepping into shower? Doing so, will reduce breakage during shampoo and prevent your hair from getting split ends. Another trick for healthier hair is combing your hair with a scalp brush.
A scalp brush is specifically used to massage your scalp.
They are specifically designed to gently exfoliate the scalp and spreading the natural oil from the roots to the ends. When you do this before shampoo your hair, it will prevent hair from getting over-drying. This process also stimulates blood flow for healthy hair.
How to use it in your shower?
Do your regular shampoo routine. After lathering, use the brush to work through the shampoo foam, focusing on the greasy area (e.g. roots). This will help evenly distribute the product and reduce excessive shampoo residue.
Your hair should feel a lot cleaner and snag-free after washing your hair.
If you tried this method before, comment below and share your experience! :)
@YunBao You are absolutely right. Coarse and curly hair might need to use a more spread out comb tip and use it with the conditioner (instead of after shampoo), that way it would easier to brush.
This does not work for every one or every hair type. The thicker and coarser or curlier the hair, the harder it is to do without pulling out hair which is damaging in and of itself
@MariaVilardi You can get it at Amazon or local beauty store.
where do I get one of the brushes
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