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sorry, tough timed
sorry for not being on vingle as often, my life had been turn upside down a little, having tough times, going through things, dealing with things, trying not to explode, having no one to talk to or understand. family issues. so sad, so hard, close to breaking and snapping. I also work more and been more busier. I'll be start college soon so I'll be even more busy. sigh so said. I don't even have time to fangirl.... =< yeah right, I lied I sneak kpop in when I can or at night for a "minute" (hours). sigh how are all of you guys? hopefully you all are doing great and are having awesome days. stay strong! FIGHTING! ~L.
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Aww thanks for updating us! If you ever need anyone to talk to we're all here for you! When does school starts? Hopefully things will get better. Don't give up!
HEY!!! We're right HERE!!!! HELLO!! Seriously you have so many people here! We even made a list of people who love to talk about ANYTHING especially when you're having a hard time. I hope everything turns around :) https://www.vingle.net/posts/972214