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I got shipped with 11 guys Some of these, I've never heard of so I will be going and looking into their groups ^°^
#1 - 6 ships GD ♡ - BIGBANG He is my #3 Sit your ass down dragon man and stop giving me them feels.
#2 - 4 ships RapMon ♥ - BTS My #2 Sweet geezus, come my way.
#3 - 1 ship (they're all 1 ship after this) TaeYang ♥ - BIGBANG He is bae My #1, always gonna have my heart. The husband bias. He is beautiful and so freaking short XD
#4 - 1 ship Suga ♡ - BTS My #4. Gimme something sweet, I'll take me some Suga anyday but you still need to sit your ass down and stop it.
#5 - 1 ship Jackson - GOT7 He's not on my list but I feel like I could be friends with him.
#6 - 1 ship TOP - BIGBANG Again, not on my list but we could appreciate art together. I'm down for staring at furniture.
#7 - 1 ship V - BTS Not on my bias list but he's such a cute little alien. We could do weird shit together because I act the same way he does.
#8 - 1 ship Key - ShiNEE (did I spell that right?) Not on my list but he seems okay. I don't listen to his group but I hear he likes clothes, a diva? I like shopping
#9 - 1 ship Jonghyun - ShiNEE (did I spell that right?) Not my list and I don't listen to them (but I have dabbled in their MVs) He seems so cute though
#10 - 1 ship Kim JongHyun - NU'EST I've never heard of his group but I'll be looking into them!
#11 - 1 ship BigOne - 24k I've heard of his group but haven't listened to them, will definitely be looking into them though!
Holy crap that's a lot. Thank you to everyone who shipped. @B1A4BTS5ever @JustinaNguyen @caitlind9898 @AimeeH @aliciasalinas @baileykayleen @SarahWise @B2utyrisa @yehet27 @minionpeach17 @ErinGregory @katiems You've introduced me to a few new groups and have me interested in some I've seen around.
@Emealia art is indeed beautiful. Even his obsession with chairs.
@AimeeH Hey I like art even if it's...different
You're comment on Top made me giggle.