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First of all, Congrats! You've made it to all the appointments (from dress, hair to makeup), booked all the venues and walked the aisle. And I'm guess, you're back from the honeymoon and adjusting to your new life. But before you get too snug and comfortable at your new flat, here's a few things you still need to take care of before you're officially through with all the wedding stuff.

1. Take care of the wedding gown.

All rental wedding gown and tuxedo should be return to its respective shop. Re-read the terms and condition before returning, so you don't have any surprises once you're billed. Usually, bridal rental shops take care of dry cleaning but double check to make sure.
Don't want to keep your wedding dress or pass it on to the next generation? You can resell and it and get some of your wedding budget back. Ebay and Etsy is a good place to start but there are a few other places made just for brides. Still White, Pre Own Wedding Dresses, and Nearly NewlyWed.
You shelled out a lot of money for your wedding dress and if you're planning to pass it on to your own children (or grandchildren), so handle with care! Take it to dry clean and they'll return the dress with a clothing cover/protecter to keep it clean. I don't recommend keeping it in a box because it will bend the dress and create unwanted crease. Hang it and when it's time to take it out it'll be in mint condition.

2. Keep in touch with your photographer.

You and your wedding guest are probably waiting to the stunning wedding photos but make sure you're giving enough time for your photographer to edit the documentary. If you have any questions regarding prints, this is the perfect time to ask your photographer.

3. Finally, return favors.

Thank your wedding guests for the gifts by sending out a thank you card and a short update of your new life.
great advice @modernromance I think the plates on the bikes are super terrific!!