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So @B1A4BTS5ever & @B2STANG88 tagged me. LETS DO THIS Be warned, I have the mouth of a sailor.
1. In five words or less, describe how you view yourself • Weird • Bitch • Funny • Loud • Caring
2. Describe your perfect first date Anything small and just fun. Like go karts. I love go karts, paintball, bowling or the movies. Literally you could come up with McDonalds and we could sit on like the riverbank. As long as we have fun or just talk, I like learn about you.
3. In five words or less, describe how your friends view you • Mother • Weird • Loud • Sarcasm Queen
4. Describe your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend I'm already married so this pretty much sums up my husband. • Taller than me, its a must. I'm nearly 5'10 so its awkward if the guy is shorter. • Has to be funny, you can't make me laugh then its a no go. • Have to accept my issues. Seriously, I'm messed up in both good and bad ways and if you can't get over that, there's the door. • He has to have drive. I can't be with a guy who has no ambition for anything, no dreams and such. • Accept that you need your own fucking time and I need mine. Like holy shit, space is needed. ○ My husband has all of this and more :3
5. What are you passionate about? Photography. I could talk your ear off about everything I love when it comes to this. I've been on both sides of the camera before; model and photographer, I've worked as both assistant and lead photographer, I've worked as 2nd shooter. I have my models (pictured above from our latest) and I have a simple setup. I don't think I'm all that good but I haven't had training or schooling. I can't edit properly but I'm learning. Photography, art in general, is amazing. You bring life to things other people can't see, you breathe color and life into this world. Photography is expression and I love it.
6. What is your biggest pet peeve? Judging. For fucks sake People judge you so hard on everything you do and I HATE it. I get judged on my hair and my (tiny, very tiny) tattoo. I've been called a bad mother because of those two little things. Get off your high horse and don't judge people. Fuck.
7. What do you live by? (favorite quote or your motto)? "Smile." "If something burns your soul with purpose and desire, it's your duty to be reduced to ashes by it. Any other form of existence will be yet another dull book in the library of life." -Charles Bukowski
8. What do you do in your free time? I work on my laptop, between editing my latest photoshoot and writing my books (trying to get finished so I can try to get the published). *cough* and fanfics Read. Geezus, I love reading. Books are life ♥ Just the smell of a new book, of a library, has my mind running in a million different directions. I want to own a library one day. There's other little things like; Music, Anime Conventions, Kdramas.
BONUS: Selfies! Post some more of your faces cause I wanna see 'em! Let me see them beautiful faces! 4 random photos of my face over the last few months.
Now it's all your turns. Someone tag people because I can't T^T Lets get weird <.<
@caitlind9898 I'd take me something sweet anyday, gimme a little Suga ♡ @jannatd93 Zico is pretty badass XD @aliciasalinas Key is gonna quickly become my list wrecker. I can see it XD
I'm not sure why, but Key comes to mind! I think Suga would be a good match for you too because he will speak his mind if he has to, he has an "I don't give a shit" attitude, and he's REALLY hardworking and always does all he can to make his fans or family proud. :)
Although he is one of my biases, I'd have to say Zico ;) You're gorgeous, smart, passionate, and funny, so Zico sounds just right :D
Suga, but I don't know how tall is though.
@kpopandkimchi Writing this out made me miss him. Unfortunately that drive, takes him far from home. But just a week and a half left!
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