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Sorry about taking so long to put up my picture after getting 33+ likes, and for me having to do it in the car with no makeup on lol I was pretty busy yesterday, and right now I'm actually on my way to the airport because *drumroll* I'm going to Korea! Woot woot! Anyways, here's my selfie...let the shipping begin.
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Hyunseung- Ma First is AMAZING. And Doojoon seems like such a sweetheart!
@ReddViolet @srhyne12 I've been summoned by the mention of my boo Hyunseung! Yay! He's so wonderful! Ma First is SUPER amazing and his dancing and cheekiness. Like. Can he be any cuter? I loved how happy he was getting to do his solo.
That part in the vid when he was all excited and writing all over her was adorable. He was so smexy in that video. Lol.
@ReddViolet I know he is so cute! How can someone be that gorgeous and adorable and sexy at the same time?
@baileykayleen EXACTLY!!