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Matchmaker Challenge!!

I want to thank everyone who tagged me, I do love these challenges and hope to do more in the future ^_^ Today I have a free day from school so I have time ^O^ I also I want to tagged EVERYBODY!! I tag all my Vingle friends and family <3 Shall we get started??
1. I'm shy, goofy, nice, weird, and lovable that's how I describe myself :) 2. The perfect first date for me is something fun, like going to the amusement park or the carnival because I like to have fun, and we hold hands and talk getting to know each other. 3. They describe me as adorable, quiet, goofy, sweet and weird :) 4. The ideal boyfriend for me has to be taller than me (I'm 5'7), and a good sense of humor because I like to laugh. Also someone nice, caring, respectful, adorable and do weird stuff like me haha, I want to be comfortable around him but I want him to make have butterflies also >< I can be myself around him and don't have to worry about him judging because he loves the person I am. He has to take as the person I am and not someone he wants me to be that would be a burden, but overall I want him to be FUN, NICE and not boring. 5. I'm most passionate about writing stories and dancing, I can't dance AT ALL, but I love to dance, I like writing to gives me something to do XD 6. I have ALOT of pet peeves but I'll give a few, first I hate pointers, food smackers, I don't like being disturb, I hate when people force me to do stuff I don't want to do even if I say "no" the first time, like seriously dude :/
7. I go by alot of mottos but the pictures are a couple that I choose 8. Lol basically I write, dance, listen to my music and fangirl >.< BOUNS is a picture of me I took recently lol not the best one but here you go :)
So there's my challenge, I can't wait to see the results of my matchmaker xD I'm excited!!! And like I said before I tag everybody so anyone can do the challenge ^_^ BYEEEE Saranghaeyo xoxo~
Suwoong from Boys Republic
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