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You woke up one day to see a genie standing over your have three wishes!
Obviously you ask for:
1. 5 More thought the genie was your alarm clock
2. COFFEE...cause the genie woke you up! come on!
and then number 3! You asked to be a Korean idol for a day. Now the tricky part is:

Who would you be and why?!

(you were expecting Hakyeon weren't you? MUHAHA)

I would choose to be Sunggyu for a day in order to:

Do the Scorpion Dance

Ever since this dance happened, I wanted to be able to do it. HOW COOL IS THIS. I would never stand up normally ever, I'd use the scorpion dance to get out of freaking bed.
Why not just be Hoya you ask? Because as Hoya you can't do this:

Look at Hoya All Day

Honestly I might have these grand plans to do big things as Sunggyu but I'd probably just try to hang out with Hoya for as much of the 24 hours as possible.

Play the Piano

Years of lessons and the inability to practice has left me with zero piano skills. I'd love to sit at a gorgeous grand piano and be able to play!


Rule number one of being Grandpa-Gyu.

Call a VERY IMPORTANT Kpop Leader Meeting

Aka go on a lunch date with Suho, Hakyeon, Onew, and Rap Mon.

Annoy the Adorable Maknae

Sungjong is one of my favorite maknaes and I love the bond that he and Sunggyu have. I'd spend most of the day annoying the hell out of him just because.

LOL At My Other Members

I'm only Sunggyu for a day so I don't have to be the leader that needs everything to be perfect. If Myungsoo messes up (cause he probably will) I'll just totally laugh it off and make fun of him for it.

Boss Everybody Around

Because isn't that the best part of being leader? Right? Back me up Hakyeon!

Look Bad Ass on Stage

Infinite is one of those groups that the second they take the stage they look AMAZING so I'd definitely want to take the stage and DEFINITELY have someone film me so I could watch later.

Sleep Some More

Self Explanatory.

Hang Out with My Awesome Fandom

Inspirits are pretty cool people, AMIRITE!?

Make your own card and tell me who would you choose?!

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g- dragon cuz he inspires me a lot with his leading skills.