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You're probably freaking out after reading the title to this card, and all I have to say to that is... blame @poojas it's her idea lol XD
Before we go any further I'd like to thank my two good and slightly cray cray friends @aabxo & @PassTheSuga for the last playlist challenge you two are awesome ^^
Okay now to the task at hand... for this playlist the idea is to choose songs that either express how you feel about going back to school, or songs that encourage you to get through to the next lot of holidays, or you can even just choose songs with a school theme, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination... (I'm starting to sound like my old art teacher...)
I feel it is important to note that there are those of us here who are no longer in school, or studying (try not to be too jealous :P) for those who fit into this category, you can put together a list of songs that you would use in this situation, or just put together some songs you think might help those who are about to go back to school.
I also feel I should note that school could also refer to college or any form of study ^^
Some basic rules of this challenge for those who are new to this ^^
1. You create a playlist according to the given theme.
2. You can use any Asian music you like, doesn't just have to be K-Pop, but it must be relevant.
3. You can basically add as many songs as you like, (has to be more than 2) the normal amount is about 10 songs.
4. Remember to tag me (@MattK95) in you card so that I will definitely see it and clip it to "The Soundtrack to Life" collection, and tag the person who came up with the playlist theme, in this case (@poojas) that will change with every playlist theme though!
5. Only publish your playlists in relevant communities!!!
6. Tag your friends in the comment section to challenge them :)
7. Be as creative as you wish, and have fun!!!!! \(^O^)/
Just in case you would like an example of a playlist here are a few random ones you can check out ^-^
This challenge is for anyone who is interested in participating, not just the people I tag!!!
As always I just tagged all the people I could think of who might be interested, I'm so sorry if I missed anyone, but remember you can always tag your friends in the comments, or ask me to tag you next time as well, and I'll happily do so ^^
If you have any interest in checking out the old challenges or even completing some of them yourself you can do so easily by following this link >>here<<
Credit to the rightful owners of the photos I used in this card, I do not own any of them :)
Thanks for reading ^^
If you have any ideas for a playlist challenge be sure to send them to me in a PM and it could be your challenge here next time! :) also if you have any questions don't be afrais to ask me in the comments or by sending me a PM ^^
Yay!! Another playlist challenge!! I'm excited for this one because people have different takes on what 'school music' they listen to! Thank you for the tag! :D
Lol watch all my songs be from the same group hehehehehe XD
@christy Awww, thanks friend :) @MattK95 I'm glad this went from school to booty. Wouldn't have envisioned it any other way LOL
oooh long time really miss play list time. Good idea @poojas. ooh really I miss to be a student again.
LMAO I'm sitting in my first class waiting for my professor to come right now and all I can think about is BTS's Cyphers because they're so angry and I'M angry that I have to be up for a 9:30 acting class 😤
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