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You do not choose your family, but that's no reason to be a shitty brother or sister. Things get hard and sometimes we lose contact. Don't let that happen with your family.
Here are 5 ways to be a great sibling.

1. Listen To Them!

When they've got a problem, you should be there to help them. Even if you don't know how, or don't know the answer it's your job to listen. Just taking the time to hear them out when they feel like nobody else will, makes a world of difference.

2. Try To Connect

Even if you feel like your generation is totally separated from theirs (my little sister is three years younger than me and it feels like ten) you have to make an attempt to connect. Whether it's by talking more, or just liking their pictures on Facebook or Instagram it can really help with the development of your relationship.

3. Find Some Common Ground

This is especially hard for siblings that are older. My sister is 19, brother 16 and I'm 22. I left home four years ago, and am just starting to live my life. My sister is in her second year of college and my brother, his junior year of high school. We are all pretty much grown up. When adulthood begins to separate you, you have to open up. Make an effort to tell your siblings something nobody else knows, listen to their secrets and provide them with a safe outlet to communicate. You probably feel the same about a few things, no matter how different you are.

4. Make Them A Priority

Life is going to get busy, especially when you all grow up. That is why you have to make your siblings a priority. If you're far away, schedule a weekly Skype call, use FaceTime on your iPhone, text them, call them, Tweet them, Vingle them! Whatever! The point of all of this is CONTACT. Every single thing on this list has to do with communication.

5. Get Together

It can be hard when you're separated by thousands of miles, but physically seeing your siblings beats all other forms of communication. If you can see them once every few months even, that's better than nothing. Don't ignore your family, make sure that you appreciate them while they're around you. You never know what could happen, and the best way to be a good sibling, big brother, little sister, little brother, big sister...whatever, is to keep your relationship open. Make them a priority. Connect with them. See them in person. You will thank yourself for it.
@allischaff I know! My sister is the polar opposite of me, and my brother well...he's a dude so lol. But I always just try to remain interested in what's happening in their lives and make sure they know they can come to me if they're having a hard time or feel like they don't want to talk to our parents. I think as you get older, it gets easier. God knows my sister hated my guts until like...two years ago lol. And being the oldest is a huge burden too! I'm sure you're a wonderful sister!! :)
@BlackXShield nothing is permanent! :) you got this
@buddyesd True. I'll remember to keep my patience and just hope that things get better. thanks
Yes @allischaff @BlackXShield It took me SO LONG to realize this. I spent a lot of time as a pissed off teenager and young adult, and now I'm embracing the ugliness and the differences because those are what make families so important. Those people will ALWAYS be there for you despite everything. So yeah, give yourselves time to cool off and balance it out. and yes, we are here!
@buddyesd yeah, he loves his videogames and whatnot, but I also really like sports so we connect with baseball and stuff like that. He also got me to play Call of Duty with him and though it wasn't my specialty it brought us closer. Plus, he has a hell of a time laughing at me because I suck at all of those shooter games.
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