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This is going to be from now onwards...
For those who are curious, I bought Tablo's Fever's End and Big Bang's E album. I was also lucky enough to get a free Big Bang poster, which was super exciting. Yay to the struggles of being international fans and buying expensive albums. T_T
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@SharayahTodd Oh okay. I bought them at a store...so I don't know anything about buying them right away online XD @Igot7BTS I got them at a Korean bookstore in town that also sells a lot of albums and other fan merch :) @StephanieDuong AWESOMEEE! I saw some VIXX stuff and remembered all the Vingle Starlights ^^ @MattK95 Haha, yea I totally justified my purchase by reminding myself I waited for a year to get actual physical K-pop albums. And I was with a friend who is a K-pop fanboy so he was like...YESSS, GET ALLL THE ALBUMSSSS so that was a nice addition to help me decide XD Do you buy the albums online?
YESS!!! I have 2 albums... VIXX Error and B.A.P First Sensibility! It's a step forward towards the k-pop obbession I have... xD
While I'm too broke for anything :(
@poojas I actuall bought most of them from a Korean store that's about an hour and a half from where I live, but if I do buy online, I buy from places like Yesasia and Kpoptown ^^
I feel like if I was to actually find out how much money I've spent on my 34 albums, and various merchandise, I'd probably get a little depressed, but then I'd look at my albums and feel so much better ^^
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