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So I bought my very first K-pop albums yesterday...
This is going to be from now onwards...
For those who are curious, I bought Tablo's Fever's End and Big Bang's E album. I was also lucky enough to get a free Big Bang poster, which was super exciting. Yay to the struggles of being international fans and buying expensive albums. T_T
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@edwinb94 Dang, that sucks. Also, I don't live near a store. I just happened to visit a state where they do have one. Which is why I got them lol XD
LMAO HERE'S TO BEING INTERNATIONAL FANS!! I know the struggle. I just bout Big Bang’s 'M', 'A', 'D', & 'E' Albums and MADE purple hoody. . . .yea broke til next week ftw lol (^•^;)/
@LaurenAntoine NICE. I didn't know there was a hoodie. And I definitely couldn't get the whole set haha. And I just happened to be in NY so I stopped by the store in Koreatown :)