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Jimmy Fallon has tons of amazing sketches - Lip Sync Battle, True Confessions, the list goes on and on, BUT there is only one sketch guaranteed to always make me laugh.


Who doesn't want to see Jimmy Fallon and assorted celebrities dressed up as teenage girls?? He's done this sketch numerous times, and it's always hilarious, but there are a few celebs with a real talent for the middle school valley girl voice.
You're welcome for the YouTube hole you're about to get into watching tons of EW! sketches. It's really the best way to spend your Monday.

"Triple hand hug!!!!"

"My name's Sara, S-A-R-A with no H because H's are EW!"

"She's so basically basic, no seriously EW EW!"

"My mom hasn't let me watch television since Miley Cyrus twerked."

"EW GARY! Susie don't talk to Gary he's such a narc."

Totally @LauraFisher, and they make deals with our parents so our family members can laugh at us too... :(
oh no @nicolejb that's my worst nightmare! i'm sure it paid off but i swear headgear is just a mean thing dentists do so they can laugh at us
I remember thinking the one with Ariana Grande was so cute.
I was especially laughing cause she awkward and true they're trying to make fun of us!!
Yes! @nicolejb it's all a conspiracy to make fun of us kids, I'm sure of it!! @ariannagorniak1 taylor swift was surprisingly good too!! I thought she would be awkward, but she was awesome!
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