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Weekend Hangover (n): The Monday after one of the greatest weekends ever. This type of hangover leads to existential questions like, "why don't 3 day weekends exist every week?" and "is work really necessary?" This usually kicks in right when your alarm for work goes off and your morning commute needs to begin.
So to help you (and myself) get over the awfulness that is the Monday after a perfect weekend of sun, fun and alcohol, here are some motivational quotes from our favorite government officials.
From the party expert himself, Tom reminds us that in order to have those amazing weekends, we gotta work just a little. Because really, how are we gonna be able to afford an ice luge and all the bud light in the world without a little pocket money?
Don't even let it faze you that you might not be the most experienced in the game. Lets remember that anyone can really do anything if they set their minds to it, so shoot for the moon and if you fall you can always just be a murderer...right?
Believing in luck just takes all the control out of your hands. Listen to Ron (the most brilliant man in the world) and throw luck to the side. You can make yourself successful!
Sometimes you just gotta look out for yourself. Yeah have your friends back but if you aren't watching yours who else will? Most importantly, just make sure you do you and you'll get through the week.
Keeping your eye on the prize is kind of bullshit because usually the prize isn't worth the amount of work you need to put into it....unless its the lottery. However, bragging rights and rubbing it in everyones face, especially that asshole at your job who is "totally a morning person" might be just enough incentive.
This is really self explanatory. Why do two projects you don't wanna do when you can just get buy doing minimal work on one? Thats right you shouldn't.
Listening to your boss yelling at you because you can't stop yawning and texting shouldn't make you feel sad. Speaking loudly as I like to call yelling, just shows that they are passionate about your success.
Give it your all, but don't be that idiot who gave it too much. You are just putting in more effort and everyone will talk shit about how hard you had to work to get the same result.
It really is the little things that make the Monday hangover just a little easier. Making yourself feel special, famous, and just a bit above your coworkers can do just the trick.
And most importantly.... there will always be someone who thinks they are the shit for no reason. Just remember, they are human just like you and really aren't that big of a deal.
I have watched all the bloopers 1000 times haha @LizArnone
@rodiziketan it was one of the greatest shows on TV! their characters are gold! if you ever watched the bloopers on youtube you will cry laughing!
Hahahah Leslie's quote is the best. I love parks and rec. If it's not obvious by the April quote in my profile. <3
hahahaha, this got me crying and laughing all together. I love Parks and Rec
Oh my god thank you for sharing the clip, it's the best hahaha. Of course Ron Swanson worked at a sheet metal factory and a tannery at age 11. Of course he did. Lol! The writers of that show really knew what they were doing when it came to his character.
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