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The government of Mexico and a youth group made of up of artists, called "GERMEN Crew" came together to create a beautiful mural in Palmitas, which is a town in the Pachuca district. The group painted over 200 homes.
From a distance, you can see that the art is a whip of greens, tangerines, aqua, purple, and pinch of hot and soft pinks. When viewed closely, parts of the mural showcases individual art pieces, like floral scenes.
According to their Facebook page, GERMEN Crew is a youth group that is focused in alternative forms of communication like street art and murals. One of their goals is to have Mexico position themselves as the country known for producing mural art. In addition to that, GERMEN Crew is dedicated to helping the youth in their community. They also organize workshop and talks.
According to streetartnews, those who were affected by this project, which includes 452 families, have seen violence amongst youth eliminated. Also, several new jobs were created.
Hell yes, GERMEN Crew is awesome!
Thank you for translating the card. :) @minorially
It's interesting card. I tried to translate this card to Japanese. Thank you.
WOWWWWWW THIS IS AWESOME! I wish my house could be that beautiful and vibrant!
Wow - SO cool!! What an awesome initiative, with so many benefits. Beautifying the city, creating jobs, increasing tourism to Mexico, educating people about art, decreasing violence against youth... I love it :) The detail photos are really stunning as well
exactlyyy! I love it!
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