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Update: New information has been released regarding the suspect behind this attack. Click the link at the bottom of the card to read more.
A little over an hour ago, at approximately 8:00am EST / 7:00pm local time, a bomb exploded next to a shrine in central Bangkok. The blast killed at least 12 people and injured at least 20 more.
The attack seems to have been caused by a motorcycle bomb, according to police reports. No one has come forward yet to claim responsibility for the bombing.
Police are searching for more explosive devices hidden in the area. They've already found one, and detonated it safely.
The BBC reports that the scene is chaotic, as paramedics try to remove the injured.
Not much more information is available at this time, but you can follow the story as it develops at
UPDATE: The BBC article has updated and revealed at least 16 people were killed, and more than 80 injured. Local reports put the death toll as high as 27.
My heart goes out to people in the area and those with family members and loved ones affected by this tragedy...
ANOTHER UPDATE: More information released about the suspect behind the bombing. Read more in my card Bangkok Bombing Update: Suspect Caught on Camera.
I'm so sorry fr those affected Pls be strong
Oh my goodness. my thoughts and prayers go out to them :(
@vonchio I'm with you. My heart goes out to them. :(
omg. who the hell did this .... god saved the thai ppl
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