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So I got shipped with 12 wonderful boys and so here they are, in the order I recieved them!
Nam Woohyun! He is my ultimate bias! He is so adorable! Thanks @MionionPeach17
Jang Dongwoo!!! He is so quirky! And do I even have to mention those lips! @MinionPeach17
Seungri!!! Such a cute Maknae! Thanks @AimeeH
Zion T. I had actually never heard of him but I'm a baby at this whole kpop thing(only a year now). Thanks @MichiGo4L
TOP!!! I love some deep voiced men! Thanks @kimleekwonshin and @MichiGo4L
GD!!! He is Bias number 2!!! He is so sexy! Thanks to @StephyBAP @StarBabes @kimleekwonshin
Yugyeom!! He is so much younger than me! but he is super adorable! Thanks @heidichiesa
Leader SungGyu!!! He is so cute and a great leader and knows how to have fun too! thanks @szewwy
Key!!! Those eyes are so sweet! @adorkabledolly thanks!
Yoseob!! I had never heard of hI'm either but he is a cutie! Thanks @gijan0298
Sehun!!! He is my second fave member of EXO! Thanks @VeronicaArtino @gijan0298
BamBam!!! He has grown up so much in the past year! I love his spunk! Thanks @VeronicaArtino
girl yoseob is such a cuite and he has killer abs u totally need to check him out hehe
@adorkabledolly Woohyun is bae indeed! and @heidichiesa of course you can!
mind if I borrow your card idea?
So jelly for all the guys you got, especially Woohyun! He is bae 馃樀
This is fantastic and no problem at all dear for Seungri!! ^~^
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