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I would so like to do that when I was younger, but I can not imagine what would my mom do after seing this. What would your parents do?
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if you read the entire card, you would see that is a joke. And I get a long with my parents very well. We CAN JOKE TOGETHER AND HAVE FUN. I work btw, while studying and pay my own rent during whole year in capital, but came home for summer, for only two months. I don't know where this is comming from, but it is not disrespectful at all. My has father already seen the sign and he was like; really, son? What If I put this sign in our house door? Than we laughed together. I don't see how this could be disrespectful. In fact, this made our day. We have another great memory together. Thank you for your opinion @JackieMurrayCab
father has*
My bad, I didn't fully grasp the situation. I thought you were a disgruntled teen angry about parents entering your room. Not trying to start sonething, just showing a different point of view. Sorry if I offended you.
no, it's ok. I just found it a bit harsh, that is why my comment was facing the same direction. :) The picture is a rendom from internet and I though we could have a debate about it. Haha, I guess we have one now. @JackieMurrayCab
@tokage15 dad and mom would ignore it 馃槀 they probably wouldn't even notice it