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First, I'd like to say Congratulations to all the happy couples out there that are recently married and to those that are engaged to be married!
I found this beautiful picture of a beaming bride and madly in love groom. I was struck by this image because no matter how many people or all of the details of the wedding, it appears that this couple couldn't care less. They are so enraptured into one another, it's mesmerizing. I love it.
Please share your thoughts on this photo. Share your reactions. Tell us about your thoughts when you were first married. Tell us about that moment where it seemed the world was a million miles away, though you were right in the middle of your wedding.
Wow. This couple looks SO madly in love with each other. It's just as you say - as if the rest of the world has fallen away, and every happiness and comfort and hope and possibility is contained within that one glance. I dream of making this face at someone, someday :)
I'm sure you will @allischaaff! What I love about it is that no matter all the painstaking details that go into a wedding, it ultimately boils down to love, and hopefully it looks just like this!