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With the close of Summer, I wanted to share this stunning yellow wedding with you all to give you some ideas on what you can do for your own wedding, even if you choose another color. Colors can change, but if you were ever hesitant about yellow before, these photos just might change your mind altogether!
The bridal bouquet features all-white garden roses with a touch of yellow through the spray roses. It's wrapped simply in off-white satin ribbon and a tough of glimmer through a brooch. Take note, if your roses are white, never use white ribbon. Why? because white roses are never truly "white". They will appear yellow when placed next to white fabric.
If you have a flair for drama, use towering glass vessels along the path of the aisle instead of a carpet of petals. Just remember, you will need a strategic plan for getting people to their seats so that they don't trample the aisle or knock into the vases.
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