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Feeling the pressure of doing something unique, yet simple and low-cost? Check out this mood board that was created by Brachetto Weddings. The emphasis here is GOLD!
Imagine the gasps of wonder when your guests see and bite into glazed donuts that have been dusted with edible gold glitter! White feathers can be flocked with gold for a budget-friendly look.
If you're going to do-it-yourself, just be sure to use the right glitter for the right application. My point is that you cannot cover edible goods with craft glitter. Not all craft glitters are non-toxic. Also, who want's to consume sharp granular pieces of plastic and metal? You can order edible glitter online and at some specialty bake shops.
You want to stun your guests with beauty, not shock them to the emergency room! Know the difference! For more ideas on how to present and set up a stunning sweet table vignette, click here!