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This awesome video is from The Perennial Plate who were invited to Vietnam to taste the food, in a trip that lasted two weeks. @soula81 Thought of you when I came across this. I know you miss the food a lot.
ohh thats so sweet of u!! now when i see starry sky pics i also think of u :">
ヽ( ^^)人(^^ )ノ I'm glad you like it @soula81 ! Seeing all that food is torture. I want to eat it all! Heehee, I do love my starry skies. :D
Lucky! Looks so good!
Great video! @YinofYang thanks for sharing XD
You're very welcome! I'm glad everyone likes the video. I thought it was well done and showed a lot of great sides to Vietnam. I really want to visit there now. (^ v ^)