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It's the one app we have a strong love-hate relationship with.

Oh Tinder, you're a tricky son of a gun. You download the app and use it for about a month. After getting your heart shattered into itsy bitsy pieces, you delete the app -- only to find yourself downloading the app again three weeks later. Face it, we've all grown to love the app once meant for "hook ups" only. Now the stomping ground for finding love or something quite similar. It's a win-lose situation and for most of us, we rather take a gamble and see what could possibly be out there waiting for us.
While I found myself downloading the app again after a rather quick hiatus, I couldn't help but admire the witty, yet ridiculous profile descriptions several men had. As corny as they were, I must admit I chuckled quite a few times and I came to the realization that these outrageously comical profile descriptions are used as a way to reel in the babes. I mean think about, what woman doesn't admire a funny guy with a little bit of sarcasm to his tone? Exactly. If you've ever been on Tinder or if you happen to be an active user than you might possibly know just what I'm talking about -- and if you don't, take a look at the profile descriptions that will either make you cringe or smile.

The fact that he mentioned he's 6'3 without heels automatically shows that he has a great sense of humor and any guy is who down for iced coffee deserves a swipe to the right.

Well, doesn't the world have a funny way go working itself out? He's obviously joking, but go ahead and swipe right -- it might just be your luck.

Not too sure if this would be my initial idea of romantic, but throwback 90's tv shows and a little bit of hot sauce to spice things up doesn't sound half bad.

Is it just me, but does the last sentence automatically remind you of Alice in Wonderland?

Someone sounds rather indecisive and picky. You can't be both. It has to be one or the other.

This guy, hands down has the best profile description ever. Talk about hilarious. And the fact he mentions his wife and child repetitively.

Don't be so quick to swipe left. Sometimes reading their profile description is worth the laugh, or a swipe right.

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Hot sauce in the eyeballs is always a guaranteed good time.
I second that, I love clever and play on words is always fun [as you already know]!!! :) @nicolejb
same @jordanhamilton! And for me, the clever-er the better (guys that are into wordplay are my type)
I agree! there is usually A LOT of personality in a persons profile. I appreciate an extensive profile opposed to those that say one or two things @nicolejb
I think the bio is my number one to sense I’m down for people that express their originality in the descriptions!
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