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Feminism is really picking up steam as more and more women and men are educating themselves about inequality around the world, and it is amazing. Our generation is trying to make huge strides to fight injustice through education, protests and online platforms.
Because really, the best way to see progress is getting the word out and educating the masses.
So before we even start this card let me remind everyone the exact definition on feminism because I don't want it to be confused with "man-hating", "attempting to take over the world" and "lesbian." And if you think thats what a feminist need to be educated so keep on reading!
Everyone clear on the definition? Ok lets move on to the more complicated stuff.
The Huffington Post recently posted an amazing video that points out white women, who are the face of most feminist platforms, do not experience inequality the same way as women of color.
But the best part about this video is that is is simply there to educate, not to silence or tear down white women who are feminist, because real feminist are ones who seek equality, solidarity and happiness for all women, not who can be the best feminist.
Check out the short but very informative video below!
As a white women who is also a feminist, I do not have to think about beauty standards past the size of my waist. However, the media is known to over sexualize and completely degrade women of color. White washing, or making someones skin lighter is still done today because lighter skin is still believed to be the standard of beauty every women should want.
And how the hell could we as females, ever achieve equality if we do not take into account beauty standard across the skin spectrum?
The video also brings to light the idea of the wage gap. When spoken about, the number referenced reveals the gap between males and WHITE women, where as most women of color are paid even less and also do not always have access to the same positions as white women, let alone white males.
One of the biggest obstacles facing the feminist movement isn't from male and government lash back or the propaganda used to redefine feminist as a negative word (see real definition above).
The feminist's movements biggest problem will be accidentally (or on purpose) isolating women because they don't "fit into the ideals of a feminist" or those who believe they no longer need to learn and educate themselves on the constant and reoccurring problems of women.
So lets get one thing straight. Anyone who believes in equality for all is a feminist. That means the feminist movement needs,
- women
- men
- The entire LBGTQ+ spectrum
- stay at home mothers
- activists
- women who wear make up
- women who are "all natural"
- "girly girls"
- tom boys
and most importantly
- educated people ready to teach, learn and listen.

Because in the end, we should all be fighting for each other.

Thank you so much for this card. In the wake of feminism and when freedom was opening to white women in the USA, it was still excluding Black women. Because of this, Black women created a separate space for themselves. Alice Walker coined the terms "womanism" and "womanist" to discuss and tackle hard issues that affected Black women. There's definitely a plethora of issues that Black women must face, that white women do not. I liked the part in the video that shows even the differences between what's appropriate and what isn't (butt shots) -- based who what skin was worn. This is a topic I have always felt so deeply about.
@alywoah that was also one of my fav parts in the video because it is ridiculous that white and black women are sexualized differently! as if being oversexualized wasn't bad enough!! its all about regrouping and finding solidarity again through education and learning and listening to each other