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BTS’s Rap Monster revealed the story behind him becoming an idol rapper. On the episode of MBC’s “Section TV” aired on August 16, BTS can be seen on a date with their fans at a movie theater. “We promised to watch a movie with fans at a theater if we won first place. Right on time, we’re collaborating with the movie ‘Fantastic 4,’” BTS leader Rap Monster says. Rap Monster has fully displayed his talent by writing the melodies and lyrics and producing the “Fantastic 4” sound track, and he was complimented both in and out of Korea. “I started rapping from 7th grade. I decided I should be performing in public rather than writing lyrics in the corner of my room, so I headed to Hongdae. I got into a lot of trouble with my mom. I used to lie that I was heading out to PC rooms,” Rap Monster comments on his rap career. He then reveals how he became a member of BTS, saying, “I was shooting for performing underground, but Untouchable’s Sleepy introduced me to his good friend who also happened to be the owner of BTS’s managing agency.”
I don't know if there is more about this, but if there is then cool.
lol bwi is life @DianaCastaneda is rap monster...i want to go to Hongdae!!!