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So @nechtiBates @VeronicaArtino both tagged me... I guess that means I have to do the challenge! I didn't want to post it to the K-pop community just yet because I don't want to flood the community with this meme. But in the meantime I'm going to tag my new Vingle K-pop friends! That way we can all get to know each other better.

And to start us all off, here are 15 facts about me:

1. The first K-pop song I listened to that I really liked was 'Lucifer' by SHINee. Before that I only really knew J-pop. 2. I'm actually still a K-pop newbie! I have lots to learn. 3. I'm really into the Marvel fandom right now. 4. I'm technically 'an adult' but I have NO IDEA what I want to be when I grow up! 5. My first big fandom was Sherlock. 6. My favorite movie is Harold & Maude. 7. None of my IRL friends like K-pop! So sad. 8. I like to write a lot. Mostly fanfiction right now but I've written screenplays, short stories, articles, and stage plays as well. 9. I can't drive! I learned how but my permit expired years ago. I feel too old to try and get my license now. 10. I'm American. 11. Lately I'm really enjoying hip-hop, so I'm looking forward to discovering new Korean hip-hop. 12. I'm... kind of running out of things to write here! 13. I've written Teen Wolf fanfiction. About 60K of Teen Wolf fanfiction. 14. I might write K-pop fanfiction. I've never actually written RPF before so it would be my first time! 15. I'm glad I found Vingle because I'm meeting so many nice people and discovering new interests!

And now, here's the challenge I was tagged in:

So, if I get 33 likes I'll post a selfie!

And here is who I'm tagging:
I'm sorry if you've been tagged already! You don't have to make the card twice if you already have (lol).
On another note: Would it be easier to start a collection for these challenges instead of flooding the community with them?
@shannonl5 HAHAHA, im glad. He's the king of sass and I see you 2 getting along really well haha
LOL @poojas the last one XD I accept
anybody want to give me a fast tutorial on how to clip or whatever?
I don't understand your purpose in tagging me. really. Also, for all the fanfics you write, do you have a wattpad account?
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