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Once again Bill Nye proves that he is the coolest dude ever.

He's taking a break from reading mean tweets about himself to try his hand at improv, and what better place to do that than with the kings of improv on Whose Line is it Anyway?
There are few people on TV that I love more than Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie, but add my favorite scientist to the mix and I CAN'T EVEN.

What sketches do you think they'll do with Bill Nye???

They HAVE to do Scenes From a Hat.

Definitely Props.

If we're lucky they'll do Weird Newscasters.

Bill Nye definitely has a sense of humor, but improv is tough.

Based on the recent stuff Bill Nye has done, he's a good sport, willing to do embarrassing stuff to make people laugh which is pretty much what improv is, right?!

Bill Nye will be on Whose Line is it Anyway during the August 31st episode on the CW.