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"She was crazy and started attacking me mercilessly beating me with his bag, hit me and started scratching, plus she wanted to hurt my face ... that was all she wanted to scratch and hurt my face ... in that I stopped her and removed her from the apartment pushing her out... and so that ended ... when I went to the bathroom my arms was all hurt, she had to come to my face but mostly my arms had been hurt ... I changed the shirt that I had was full of blood.
The guys told me to go to make a complaint, but I had pity on her and did not want to enlarge things, it was then that I decided to remain silent, as well as was possible for a woman hit me that way, that I was too embarrassed to tell ...
That week she sent me a message that I was going to regret that... and she went to make that complaint against me ... I never hurt her in no time, strike, or assault her in any way, and only that night, I only insulted her and took her out of my apartment because Ishe wanted to hurt me, hurt me physically. Especially my face, she knows well that if I face scratches can cause much damage ... but there never was aggression from me to her, on the contrary, I let her hit me. She said that only ... now assault says she also lose a pregnancy because of it ... that too is a lie ... she told me she was pregnant once before ending it, and I did not believe her because I thought she was telling him to hold me, because we always take care, then she told me she had lost the pregnancy that fight for what had happened, and that made me get bad, feel bad, do not want that to happen ... so I decided to give money to help. she should drop the charges and everything would be fine ... I felt so sorry for her, but not because I had assaulted or anything, her friends told me that she was very sad and I was good and compassionate with it ... that's why I kept seeing it as friendship, but she wanted more ...
When I took a trip she followed me and found me, that's why we were together ... I did not think that would be a bad thing ... that's why I felt sorry for her, and she would be very depressed and sad for what happened, and I I believed her ... sometimes I am very foolish ...
When we finished in December a few week said she was again pregnant with my child ... that could not be possible though, because I have my reasons ... and ... I do not think it's mine ... but if it is, I'll take care ... I've always said.
I do not know why she is obsessed with me ... when Lee lawyer told me and showed me the evidence that she was never pregnant, felt like an idiot believed everything all the damage it has done to my family and me, I do not understand ... I've never misbehaved with her, besides the evidence shows false or messages those are mine, or nothing, everything is fake ...
I do not usually talk about private things through text messages, because I know that sometimes involved saesaeng phones and stuff, if I have to say something, I call personally ... not for messages.
That's why I think she is not alone doing this ... and just want to destroy me ... sometimes I thought I should retire ... and could not more ... it was very difficult and I did not feel anything, not eating, or bathing, or up, was very sad, and did not want to sing, I was embarrassed to go out and to face the media, how could I tell my fans ?, how I could look at my parents and my family in the eye after what she had accused me? At that time I had several panic attacks ... they were not easy days ... but you do not want to talk anymore ... I do not want to remember ...anymore ...
@mayraruiz1 where did you get this? is this really a statement from Hyun? I've not seen it and want to be sure it's authentic before sharing. it sounds right though. please let me know your source. Thank you.
@LizaNightshade I did and they looked so fake that I totally disregarded them... Besides anyone can fake texts... In phones you can have anyone's number under the name lets say Larry Gatto, but it does not mean that this Larry texted what was said...
I hope this is true. Did anyone see the text messages his ex released??
馃槩馃槩馃槩馃槩 I am crying seeing my him like this I'm glad he went to the military he needs a time out. seriously have you guys seen Kim hyung joong in we got married he is totally innocent I don't believe anything that girl says.
@NerukaWong yes it's Kim Hyun Joong. And it is his ex
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