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Growing Up Bilingual (sorta): Butchering Words in Both Languages
When you grow up learning both languages, and the language switch isn't very clear, it's so easy to get words mixed up.
Growing up, English was the primary language used in the house. However, I learned some Spanish -- mostly vocabulary stuff. You know, the stuff that's important: food and bad words.
Sometimes it just got confusing. I thought some of the words I learned in Spanish, were English words. And vice-versa. I knew what every word meant coming out of my mouth, they would just mingle with other words in another language.
Like, "Mami, can I have rice and pollo?" ( that)

Can you find the awkward words in these Spanglish sentences?

In conclusion, some of us are fluently bilingual, and some of us are shitty at both languages.

Can you guess which category I fall under?
CANNOT be more accurate 😂
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