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Time for a little vent.

I'm sure many of you have heard these before but I absolutely hate when some non-Kpop fans (keyword being *some*) say really ignorant things about K-pop or the fandom. It irks me every single time and I always resort to responding in a sarcastic manner. Here are just a few of the things I hear that irritate me to no end...
Wait...so they're like...a band...but like...they don't even play instruments...? LAME.
"Well, you see, they are not exactly traditional bands...a lot of idols do actually play instruments..."
So...you like weird music...?
"Depends. Do you define weird as anything that you are not familiar with?'
But...you're not even...like...Korean...
"Oh, really? I didn't know. Also, that time we had a Coldplay phase...were we both British?"
Why don't you like regular music?
"Please enlighten me on this amazing genre of "regular" music!"
Oh, so you like totally want to date Korean guys!
"I don't even have words for you anymore"
So is PSY your favorite?
"..." *crickets*
So they basically copy American pop music, right?
"Yes, they spend their creative talents & big budgets to train idols to copy other music..."
Omg, like...(Insert Any Non-Kpop Music) is SO MUCH BETTER.
"Did I ask?"

How do you guys respond to these kinds of statements? Have you heard other annoying/ignorant things?

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my friends always call them gay faggot bands. thats when i really want to kill them.
Depends really goes from a full on war to explaining why there is a dead body on the ground 馃憖
You know the ones that say "so they're basically the Asian onedirection?" No bitch 1D can go kiss my ass
Yes! The one that irritates me the most is "they wear make up, does that mean they are gay?" Every time i hear that i just want to stab them in the eye.. Like "seriously b***h!!??"
With a slap to the face. 馃槒