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We already know that Oreo cookies are amazingly good. A recent study even showed that there is an addictive quality to the cookies ranking as high as a cocaine addiction. With that in mind, why not add some booze to make these yummies even more epic!
Here's Laura Gummerman's recipe and tutorial for making these decadent treats:
1 cup cake/vanilla-flavored vodka
1 cup white chocolate Godiva liqueur
1 cup milk
3 packets of unflavored gelatin
1 package of Oreo cookies
small circle cookie cutters
Heat the milk over medium heat until warm (don't let it boil). Then slowly sprinkle in the gelatin while whisking the milk mixture. Don't worry if there are still a few small lumps that won't melt down, you can simply strain those out before adding the milk mixture to the next step. Add your milk mixture to the vodka and Godiva liqueur in a separate mixing bowl and stir together.
Making the creme filling
Pour the mixture into a small pan or baking dish that has either been very lightly oiled or lined with plastic wrap, and fill it about 1/2" deep (use two pans if you don't have one big enough to fit it all and still be only 1/2" deep). Chill your layers for at least 2-3 hours until firm. Once they are set, flip them upside down onto a cutting board or non-stick mat and lightly shake the pans until the layer falls out. I found that the jello in the lightly oiled pan was much easier to remove, but the plastic wrap version did work eventually as well. Use your circle cutter to cut out as many jello circles as you can fit. Pull up the excess around the circles to reveal your cut jello shot disks. Set aside for a moment.
Take your Oreos and twist apart to scrape off the white filling. Discard this or eat later--up to you. Place your jello disks between the two cookie halves, and you've got yourself a double-stuffed Oreo shot, my friend! I say the recipe makes 15-20 because it really depends on the size of circle cookie cutter you use. A smaller circle cutter would make more disks than a bigger one.