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Training camp is an awesome part of the NFL season. Players look to cement their role on the team while coaches implement their gameplan for the upcoming NFL season.
One of the ways coaches put their game plan into motion is through drills. Every year a coach finds a unique way to drive an idea home.

Yesterday the New Orleans Saints introduced an interesting wrinkle to practice, with their return men fielding kicks while wearing boxing gloves.

“It really forces them to put their body in the correct position to catch a ball,” explained coach Sean Payton, who said they did it once in the spring as well. “So it’s a way of taking their hands away, keeping their elbows together and really locating the ball with their feet, getting set.”
Above is a picture of the idea in motion as the player is catching a ball with boxing gloves on. This guy looks hell bent on catching this ball.

I love this idea by Payton.

Technique is key to success in football. Returning kicks is an art. The level of difficulty is high due to the speed of the game and the way the ball is kicked to the player.
Only time will tell if this pays off. Regardless of the result, kudos to coach Payton for thinking outside the box and finding new ways to make his players better.