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I guess British parents were not deterred by the show's darker side when they decided to name their babies after these ill-fated characters (because isn't everyone in the GoT universe ill-fated?).
The Office for National Statistics revealed that, in 2014, there were 244 babies named Arya in Great Britain. But if you think that's crazy, prepare to be amazed. Britain's got nothing on the 1,135 Aryas who were born in the United States in 2013.
Arya is far and away the most popular Game of Thrones-inspired name. After all, who wouldn't want to be named after a tough, plucky tomboy whose survival instincts put her other siblings to shame? Parents are probably hoping their daughters will be as strong, smart, and badass as their namesake.
Next in popularity comes Khaleesi. Really? Really, baby-namers? Arya at least doesn't sound TOO much like a name from a fantasy series, but Khaleesi looks hella weird and doesn't even sound that pretty (IMO). 53 babies were named after the Mother of Dragons in Britain in 2014. In 2013, in the US, 241 babies were named Khaleesi. I wonder if the name will continue to garner popularity, or drop off when everyone realizes they are crazypants.
Some more reasonable people (maybe) are naming their babies Daenarys, which, despite the weird spelling, is still way better than Khaleesi. And you've gotta admit, that's a pretty dope character to be named after.
Finally, next in popularity come Sansa and Brienne. Sansa – gross. I'm not a huge fan of her character. Brienne, meanwhile, is the most badass and normal-sounding of any of the names, so I'm surprised this one isn't more popular!
Then again, I'm asking myself why parents aren't just naming their babies after the actresses themselves. Maisie (Maisie Williams plays Arya), Sophie (Sophie Turner plays Sansa), Gwendoline (Gwendoline Christie plays Brienne), and Emilia (Emilia Clark plays Daenarys/Khaleesi) are all pretty beautiful names in their own right, not to mention pretty normal. I for one tend to believe normal names save kids a lot of pain growing up.
Out of Arya, Khaleesi, Daenarys, and Brienne, which one do you think is the prettiest baby name? Which one is the craziest?
And seriously, Britain – why no Ygritte?? She's so cool, and how cool is a name that begins with a Y?
@rodiziketan I really like Sansa too ^_^
It's so funny that you post this because my husband and I are expecting a girl this Sept and we really thought about Khaleesi. The only reason we changed to Kelis is because a dialect in his country it means "last born" and we didn't want our last born being called "last born". I think it's okay to name children after your fav program or character. I would hate to name her something ordinary.
Khaleesi is a freaking weird baby name.
omg, really? I would never think people would actually do that. haha. Tho, I really like Sansa haha. I know, I'm weird.
I agree that weird names ruin lives!