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Schmidt Quotes That Require Money in the Douchebag Jar

Pretty much everything that comes out of Schmidt's mouth warrants at least a dollar, but there are a select few quotes (okay like 20) that should make the other roommates on New Girl RICH. Schmidt's intense love for cardigans, hair gel and kimonos really works against him, but makes for some hilarious TV.

I really want someone to calculate the amount of money that Schmidt would lose to the douchebag jar throughout the series! There's a challenge for any intense New Girl loving Vinglers!

You can't just drive in any old shoes!

Schmidt is a constant cardi party!

He's especially douchey when he gets ready to go out...or whenever he puts on this kimono.

I appreciate his confidence.

He definitely loses a dollar or two every time he asks important questions like this.

Everyone needs a pair of these.

He's a douche pretty much anytime he talks about fashion... but overall, we can't help but love him.

Yes, Schmidt, yes we can.

I need to know if an Irish walking cape is real.
That's good to hear! Friends that you can keep up with even when you're far apart are the best! Definitely a sign of true friendship @caitlind9898
She was, but then I had to move away again. But we always keep in contact so always genet some entertainment :) @LauraFisher
omg @caitlind9898 jealous, i want a friend like that :) sounds like a constant source of entertainment!
Yeah same here about Nick @LauraFisher. Schmidt is more like a friend I have X)
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