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Here are the questions!!!
1) In five words or less describe how you view yourself:
*Smart *Honest *Open-minded *Funny *Straightforward
2) Describe your perfect first date:
Anything will do honestly but the best thing ever would be going to an amusement park!!! there will be screaming, hugging, eating, water (if you know what I mean aka shirtless moments) and smiles everywhere. Dont forget churros!!!
3) In five words or less describe how your friends view you:
*Brave (Very outspoken) *Smart *Hilarious *Crazy/Random *Athletic
4) Describe the ideal boyfriend/girlfriend:
Ever since watching Running Man Yoo Jae Suk created the image of my ideal type. Respectful, great anger management skills, tall (sorry Jackson, i still love you), Hilarious, entertaining, unexpected, and positive. I admire him so much!!! I want to be with someone who will motivate me, inspire me, keep me positive, keep me healthy and understand the way I work. BTW if you didn't already know, Jackson is my bae...
5) What are you passionate about?
Well, I am majoring in Film and Video Production in the hopes that I will create my own television series. But I also love writing stores, reading fantasy novels, drawing and
6) What is your biggest pet peeve?
My biggest pet peeve is negativity. When someone just thinks negatively, I feel that negativity ten times more and it really hurts when I'm trying to be positive. I think the reason I get annoyed is because it angers me that some people regret so much and stop themselves from doing things they love because of negativity when I could have been there to at least try to make them smile.
7) What words do you live by?
I live by the following quotes:
* "What is made for you, IS made for you" in other words, if you are upset that you dont have one thing when someone else has (whether it be objects or mentality) just realize that it means you dont need it. don't try to go after unnecessary things. If you have what keeps you happy safe and healthy, the other luxuries or gifts others have shouldn't even cross your mind. Of course, you can treat yourself every now and then.
* "Everything happens for a reason" dont get upset about what happened last night or what you lost yesterday because there is a reason behind everything whether you like that reason or not. also, do not judge others actions without confronting or speaking to them first because you do not know the reason behind their troubles or their actions.kinda goes with "dont judge a book by its cover"
* "dont worry about what you have no power over" its the little things that stress us like when we miss the bus or train or we lost a dollar and have no idea where. if you cant change something, such as when the bus will show up, dont worry about it. if you got a 7o on a test, then make up for it by getting a 92 on the next test. dont worry about what you have no power over and dont stress over the little things because when you pile all these factors up, you become very dull, upset and uncomfortable not only to others but yourself!
8) What do you do with your free time?
I read, play games, eat, watch shows, draw, exercise and and and go online and look at school stuff. i do typically what others usually do. yep, I love being outside and breathing fresh (Not fresh fresh since i live i the city) but almost fresh air.
If I tagged you or not doesn't matter. what matters is that you do the challenge if you want to OK? Great!!
So here you go, my questions sorry I have no selfies in my computer:
Eek! Chenchenchen my exo bias. @passthesuga
@B2STANG88 BTW that GIF from Mulan slayyyyyyed me (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)
Chennnnn from EXO
@eringregory let me tell u girl that i LOVE LOVE LOVE (exo reference) Hongki!!!
i think taeyang
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