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College is just around the corner, and I know some of you are moving in this week and I can not tell you how jealous I am! College is an amazing experience jam packed with crazy friends, crazy nights and all you can eat dining halls.
And I honestly think that I wouldn't trade my experience for all the money (or job opportunities) in the world.
But if I could somehow get a message to my former college self, there is a few things I would let her (me?) know.

1. Gen Eds may be bullshit, but they will affect your GPA

Freshmen year was full of Gen Ed classes since I went in undeclared. This meant I was forced to take an econ class and meteorology even though I really couldn't care less about them. So I didn't go. I'm an excellent test taker and passed all my classes easy, but that doesn't mean I did well. Getting C's really pulls down your GPA and it sucks when the only thing stopping you from getting on Deans list is your stupid freshmen lecture halls that you use to drink wine during.
So suck it up, study just a bit more and take advantage of the education you get to have! Save the partying till after 5pm.

2. Take advantage of the campus gym.

While I did actually do a sport during college, rugby season didn't last the entire year. Most college gyms are cheap if not free and are super accessible. The want to nap, hang out with friends, or start drinking a bit earlier is strong, but the freshmen 15 is also very real. With all the dining hall options, drinking, and drunk food, you will need to work out to stay in shape. And nothing is worse then feeling bad about how you look.
Keep on top of your health, but don't let it stop you from having fun.

3. Don't waste your time with the people who try to change you.

Freshmen year is the year of dating and hook up mistakes. And while you should never regret what (or who) you do, the amount of time you waste can take you away from so many other experiences! So if your hookup, boyfriend or girlfriend are trying to control you, take you from your friends, or stop you from going out on the weekend, don't waste anymore time on them!
Because college is a time to find yourself, make friends that last forever, and get into all types of crazy situations that you have to talk about over hangover brunch the next day. You don't want to be with someone who is taking away from your experience, not adding to it.

4. Do not let someone you live with ruin your personal space.

Sometimes it doesn't work out with someone you live with. You could have not liked them from the get go or you just don't work together living so close. Either way you should not let them make you feel comfortable in your own room/house. College is a time to start becoming an adult, so handle the situation like an adult. If the problem persists, take action to make your college life better even if it means moving somewhere else.

5. Know when to say Yes, and when to say No.

There are so many activities, classes, opportunities and parties to go to. Do yourself a favor and know which ones you want to go to and which ones you would rather skip. You do not aways have to say yes or go out with your usual group of friends. Meeting up with your freshmen year clique could lead to a wild night or just staying in and studying might make you do much better in a class you suck at.
Get in the habit of knowing exactly what you want to do and practice saying no, because it will only get harder after college.
all of my friends graduated a semester or two before me, but I'm still jealous of everyone in college!!! I kinda want to go back lol maybe one day.
Where was this list when I was in college!!!? Especially #2 & #3! Ahhhh, I miss college so much.
I'm definitely passing this on to my Son who is a sophomore in college! I never "went away" to college so I definitely don't have this kind of insight. Even as a sophomore, I'm not sure that he's familiar with these ideas. He did AWFUL his 1st semester, but pulled out a 3.0 with the incitement of a scholarship from his soccer coach if he did so. Praise Jesus he did it! I'm praying that he keeps it up. Thanks for the post, I think a lot of "kids" could use this!
@jordanhamilton i am so jealous of my friends still in college!
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