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A solo!!
well I hope you can fulfill your dream too :) if you work hard, there's no reason you won't be able to get good grades :) what's TOEFL? aww you're sweet, thanx!! i really hope you get the high score you want! when do you have the results?
@moonminyeon yep i really hope i can do this i already started learning korean and i have a good score in TOEFL all i need is keep on getting high grades ....and if had the chance to go i will invite u for sure so that we can go to min hyuk oppa hahaha:)) but pray for me to have a high score in the final exam : !
@Reyam really? oh it'd be awesome if you could do that! true, moving there is better than spending a lot of money to just stay a small amount of time :) and you can be fluent in Korean then :)
@moonminyeon yep i need this and i hope i can get a scholarship to south korea this will be better than spending all my money hahaha :))
@Reyam yep gotta save money to go to South Korea ^_^ that's ok! hope it went well for you!
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